Ethical Sales with the Raber twins
August 2, 2021

[00:00:06] spk_1: During the crisis and economic depression, small business owners often struggle with making sales and keeping the loyalty of their people because if you ain't selling, it's hard to pay the bills on the ethical sales podcast. You will learn new ways to selling ethically and communicating with your people to create more loyalty and getting out of the rut of stress and frustration, There is plenty of sales, there should be plenty of profits to keep things flowing smoothly and everybody be happy. Yeah. Welcome back to the ethical sales podcast. I'm Elias Raber. I'm Matt, I'm Owen, good to be here with you guys today. We're gonna talk about discipline. I feel like we're a bunch of undisciplined people talking about discipline. Well, no, not really. We have discipline in our lives, but, you know, there are times we don't do it. So where does discipline come from? Not having enough for having too much? When you were growing up,

Every kid, I'd say probably doesn't have enough growing up, You know, I'm not talking about spankings, I think we're talking about discipline, I mean, discipline in your business could just be getting up a little bit earlier, maybe putting in a routine of eating better and get, you know, having the discipline of getting, I mean this morning, my wife and I both got up early and we went down to the gym and I went out and I ran a couple of miles, that's discipline. I mean that it's hard for me to do that. It's as hard for me to do it, probably like any of you guys listening, but just eating right and doing all the little things that it takes for you to be in the right mental state to run a business and to be a leader and to be the kind of person that you should be, The discipline of eating healthy and exercising is only one thing, But if your health goes, that's the most important thing. And a lot of times on this podcast, we like to talk about business and marketing and all those kind of things, but, and that's the number one thing you need to take care of. And there are lots of little things that you can do and have the discipline in to be healthier to eat, healthier to not drink those sodas or not. I mean, if you want to talk about an area that most people probably aren't very disciplining or maybe even don't think about is how much sugar is in a soda to be exact. I'll tell you right now, In a 12 ounce, just a 10 can bottle that goes, yeah. Uh, I used to go when I was about 22 years old and I wouldn't stop until it was drained. I throw that can on the ground and I mean, I go up the ladder, so it's the little, that's how I got paid so much. You know, back when I worked for somebody was I drink mountain Dews and I mean, you look like a workhorse, something. You didn't have an energy drink.

Mountain Dew is probably one mountain dew. A 12 ouncer has 11 teaspoons of sugar in it. 40 some grams probably. I think twice I ain't got anything. I don't have a problem with somebody, drinks pop down there, but I do have a problem if somebody like makes it their main drink, that is so freaking unhealthy.

We've talked about shortcuts before. You could go in the pantry and get some sugar

And sugar. You never think about that. Maybe next time before you drink full mountain dew, you're like, okay, I'll take 11 teaspoons of sugar and see if you feel the same way about that. This is not health advice. No, it's not. You know, talking about discipline. I think these podcasts have been a lot about business, but I think discipline is something that really, it's all part of life. So, like, the way you do one thing is kind of how you do everything. If you're not disciplining one thing, you're probably not disciplining other things, it just kind of crosses over and all of life, I think,

and the bible does talk about going to the ant thou sluggard,

taking a lesson. And I think discipline has a lot to do with that. You know, if we didn't have any discipline, we would not prepare for winter and talk about having a good quality of life, That's a huge thing. Get the foundation right? And discipline plays a huge part in that.

I think something that's pretty important is, is your morning. The things that you do to start your day, finally discipline to do the things that you need to do to start your day on your right foot sleeping in is the easy thing to do. And it's not very disciplined. One of the number one things you can do for yourself is healthy, eat healthily, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones. Obviously, I'm not here pointing a finger at anybody, but ask yourself if your spouse looks like you, would you be okay with that? I don't know if who's listening. I'll ask myself that, Hey, I'm glad my spouse isn't, you know?

Yeah, that'd be a good place to start. And my wife told me the other morning she weighed less than she has in probably three years. So I will ask myself. But yeah, practice what you preach. That's right.

Our next episode might be about accountability. We'll check back on that. So if you can find the discipline to do what it takes to be disciplined, find the discipline to be disciplined that's deep, got some depth to it. No doubt. Uh, finally discipline to be disciplined. I think it's great you're going to see results from that in every area of your life that you can find discipline in. It's worth the effort. I think you have to be very intentional in every area of your life, whether it's your business, your marriage, your health, all those things in every one of those areas take a lot of discipline. Two get the result that you want because the easy thing is to sleep in. The easy thing is to just go through the Mcdonald's drive-through. The easy thing is just to do. You know, whatever it is that you default to, but you need to design it and requires a lot of discipline. But in the end, it's worth it.

[00:05:51] spk_0: And I think the big picture, if you get a big picture view of what you really want out of life, what is the vision you have for yourself, for your family, for your business? That will give you the energy to become self-disciplined.