Ethical Sales with the Raber twins
BE WILLING TO BURN THE DEAL with the Raber twins
August 19, 2021
BE WILLING TO BURN THE DEAL with the Raber twins –– How aggressive are you? How aggressive should you be when you are going to close a deal or maybe even after you bid the job, how aggressive are you going to be?

[00:00:35] spk_1: because if it's not red, we ain't according,

[00:00:40] spk_0: that's right. Hit the button. There we go,

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[00:00:45] spk_0: right. Last week we talked about closing the deal and I think we're going to continue that conversation a little bit on closing the deal, specifically getting into some objections asking

[00:00:57] spk_1: for the money,

[00:00:58] spk_0: asking for the money boys. How aggressive are you? How aggressive should you be when you are going to close a deal or maybe even after you bid the job, how aggressive are you going to be?

[00:01:08] spk_1: Good question? You know, the, the level of aggression shouldn't need to be very high if you'd done your job.

[00:01:14] spk_0: So we talked last week about relationships and we're not gonna talk about that today, but that set, we're assuming that set, we're assuming you have built some rapport, you've had some conversations with the building owner and now maybe it's been a month. You know, you're following back up with this guy because the fortunes in the follow up, especially the bigger the deals, You know, the more you have to follow up and so you don't wanna be a jerk about it. But I think you still want to be pretty aggressive. I would tend to border on occasionally having a guy tell me, aren't you being a little bit pushy? Maybe you're following up a little bit too much if I get that, I know that's a good gauge because that's where I want to ride. Like I want to ride there. And if a guy says that, I, I kind of laugh and I say, hey, I apologize, but I really want your business. Like I really, I'm sold on what I'm selling. I, I really want your business. Let him know. Like let him know, put yourself in that scenario. You're sitting there. A dude comes out to your place, you're thinking about putting a pool in your backyard and he shows up and he's like, you got three quotes, who are you going to work with? The guy that follows up and says, Hey, I really want to do it for you. I really want to do it for you or you gonna go with the guy that never calls you because when you have a problem, he's probably not going to take your call anyway. I'm attracted to urgency. I'm attracted to somebody that he's just sold on what he's selling. I'm attracted to that. So I'm going to do business. I don't care if I'm paving the driveway. You know, that guy that is going to call me up and stay in my face about it and say, hey, what's too much? I'll ask my customers what's too much if I call you every week? Is that too much? They're like, yeah, most times are like that. Yeah. If I call you every month, is that too much? When's a good time to call you? I don't want to be a pain. But man, I don't want you to forget about me. Like let people know that's the, that's the kind

[00:03:03] spk_1: of, or you could say, I'm afraid you're going to hire the wrong

[00:03:05] spk_0: guy. Yeah, I'm afraid you're gonna hire the wrong guy. I really want your roof. You know, we did a project example, just say,

[00:03:12] spk_1: Hey, I'm afraid you're, you know, you know what I call you that much because I'm afraid you're gonna hire the wrong guy. Let me just tell you about a customer. We just finished up with. Actually you should, you should talk with this customer. You should talk to him. You want to talk to this guy. We just did a roof for him. Give him somebody somebody, you just finished a project project up for. If you can let them connect, let him talk, let somebody else vouch for you. You know, hey, all three William in, you know, and you know, just be confident. Don't, don't get weak. You know, when he asked that, Don't go, I'm sorry. I'm just say, hey, just to put a smile on your face, don't let it intimidate you, just say, I'm afraid you're gonna hire the wrong guy or whatever, whatever your line is, whatever works for you but your own self, you don't have to make up or do exactly what somebody else does. But figure that out for yourself.

[00:03:56] spk_0: You service to sell to, we're going to come in and we're gonna do the best job possible. But I can promise you if you ever have a problem here, we're not gonna try to have a leak on this roof because leeks cost us money but I work very hard. If if you call me and you have any leaks or any problems, we'll be here. You know, probably that same day if it's late and they will be here the following day, we're going to service the tar out of you. That is exactly what I told people over and over and over. I tell people that we're going to service the tar out of you. You know, that's exactly what I tell them and people like that just be real. I don't care if this guy is worth a billion dollars or if he's worth $1 million dollars or he's broke people or people, you know, and just put yourself in their shoes and think about what would speak to you and I think as a rule urgency, being willing to burn the deal a couple years ago um daniel weaver. If you're listening shout out to you and I were going to um, oh, I think it was in Ohio and we looked at seven or nine riffs that day. I forget what it was. And these were all projects that he had bid and had scheduled to go back and just do some follow up with. They had all said, yeah, you can stop back in. You know, we're interested, we're not sure who we're gonna go with yet, but we have another conversation and we spent pretty much the entire day going out and just meeting people and doing follow up and they were all good sized roofing projects. And remember at the end of the day, he said, man, you just really go for it. You're willing to just burn the deal. And I said, I would much rather quickly figure out if this is gonna work between us than waste the next six months of my life and 10 phone calls and then figure out that it wasn't worth my time. I would just ask the guy, hey, we're in the ball game, we're in the ball game where we are. He said he'd tell us we pull the objection. You asked for the objections. That's what we're talking about today And he'd say, well, I like your system, but I'm just not sure we're gonna spend $50,000. I'm not sure we're gonna spend $100,000 and then we could say I got an idea

[00:05:50] spk_1: rather than use that kind of money. Do you want to

[00:05:52] spk_0: spend, you know, rather than us doing the deal for 100 grand right now, Have you ever considered doing your front half of the roof? And then next year we do the back half of the roof and then after the back half is done, we'll write your warranty up and people are like, oh no, I didn't think about that. I like that. We bring things up. Like did you realize that it's 100% tax write off this year because we're restoring roof or not? It's not a renewal of this is a restoration is 100% tax, right? Oh no, I didn't think about that, wow, that saved me a bunch of money in taxes or whatever, but ask for the objection. I'd much rather get a guy telling me I'd rather he kicked me in the buttons. They get out of here. I don't ever want to see your face again. And now I can go deal with something that is worth my time. I want to figure that out really quick. But when you go for it, you're attractive. When you are willing to burn the deal, you're attractive because you're not begging, you're not sitting there going, I can't lose this deal. So I'm just going to the problem with you not being urgent and willing to ask that is you don't have enough deals because you're afraid to burn a deal.

[00:06:49] spk_1: You know, you only have six deals going for yourself. You're, you're scared you're gonna lose him. So you tiptoe around them and the, you know, that's no way to close the deal. You know, people read you like a book if you're going in and just being yourself and being real and let them know you want to do business with him and just work with the lead. Like you're, you're not scared to get to know, you're a lot more likely to get it. Yes, if you work with the deal, like you're afraid to get to know you're not asking those hard questions, You're not getting those. You know, I've went into scenarios where we've just believed some of the objections and where the guy says, well, we're not gonna do anything until you know august, okay, this is maybe March, okay, I'll get back with you

[00:07:22] spk_0: in august whenever

[00:07:23] spk_1: we get a little closer and the next time you call him in mid july, he's done. Yeah. First of july, they already, because somebody kept bugging him. You know, somebody kept calling, somebody kept saying, hey, you know, I know you want to wait till august, but let me explain to you why you might not want to wait till august. You know, august is fault. It starts getting colder, You're better off doing this in the middle of the year than you are in the end of the year. Our customers that we do middle of the year, our best customers are happiest customers. You create a reason for them to do it sooner because we have long beautiful days to work with the late in the fall jobs are always the jobs that we're back on the next spring because we had weather issues, not saying we're going to, but those are reasons for you to maybe consider doing something little sooner. So you can use an objection to create urgency. You can oftentimes use the objection to close people turn the objection around and make it a reason to oftentimes you can you can find a way to do that. You know, I know we're talking roofing right now, but in the, you know, we bring on a lot of new contractors every year and occasionally we're sitting down with somebody looking to maybe get in the business and maybe start using some of our systems and they might say, well now it's just not a good time because we're really low on money. Okay, that's a reason to do it. You're getting into this, you're not getting in this because you have money, you're getting into it because you don't have money, right? Yeah. When do you want to make money? Like if you keep doing what you're doing, are you gonna have money? Well, no, then we need to do this like now create a reason to don't be afraid to lose it. I've had one guy told me, we talked about seller be sold in the last episode. One guy told me, he said, well I'm really interested, I want to set up an account, but I'd really like to go out there and meet up customer first and kind of check the area and make sure you know there was roofs to be done in blah blah blah. And I just said,

[00:09:12] spk_0: hey, I

[00:09:13] spk_1: totally understand, agree with you, totally understand where you're at and how you're thinking. But let me just say this, you only sell as your sold and if you're not sold enough to set up an account, you're not gonna sell anybody on buying a roof from you. And he looks at me and he goes, uh what do I gotta do to set up an account And five minutes later read his account set up. But you can oftentimes use that close people on the objection. Make the objection and reason to. I always like, think that's the easiest way to remember how to use those objections too. Keep moving

[00:09:48] spk_0: Forward 100%. And don't be afraid to burn the deal? Go for the objection if

[00:09:53] spk_2: you're married. That's probably how I got married. You popped the question or somebody

[00:09:57] spk_1: did at some point, will you marry me at some point, you have to say, well you cut me a check so we can get this thing started. I can't help you

[00:10:07] spk_0: until you cut me a check, get the contract signed and get me the down payment. And we're gonna take care of all your problems. All your problems are gonna be taken care

[00:10:15] spk_1: Of boys, customers. This sign that in your roof problems are now my problems. Yeah, that's a good one. No longer your problems for the next whatever the years, let's say the warranties, 18 years for the next 18 years. This roof will be mine, not yours. How do you like the sound of that? You know what the customer's gonna say? Every time I like the sound of that then you sign on the line which is dotted.

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[00:10:38] spk_0: for listening to this week's episode